Wedding can wait! Lindsey Vonn happy just being together with PK Subban


Vonn, 35, and National Hockey League (NHL) star fiance PK , 31, are busy with their planning, but tying the knot does not top the couple’s priority list.

The American skiing great is waiting patiently till Subban’s family from Canada and her near and dear ones can be present for the nuptials. Talking about her wedding, Lindsey told Us Weekly: “We’re just trying to be patient right now and make it day by day. It’s not like our No. 1 priority. We’re being together and don’t need to be married to be together…but we want to find the right time where our family is there and we can celebrate it together.”

Lindsey revealed how spending time in quarantine helped them know each other better. “It’s tested every person, every couple’s relationship. I don’t think anyone’s having a smooth ride. But I definitely think that we learned a lot about each other. We love each other more after this time,” she said. The couple were expected to get married this year, before the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to postpone their plans.

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