What it’s like to have Ariana Grande as ‘The Voice’ coach?

Ariana Grande’s The Voice team showered praises at the singer.

Following the shows on Monday, the team members spoke to People sharing what it is like having the vocal powerhouse as a coach.

“The most unexpected thing about Ariana, to me, is just how big her heart is,” Holly Forbes said.

“You know, she’s always checking on us. We got the chance to meet some her close family members and friends, and she’s so loving to everyone.”

“People might have opinions on her, and I didn’t know how she’d be as a person at first, but she’s just incredible,” Forbes added. “It was unexpected to meet someone of her celebrity status who is so real and kind.”

Raquel Trinidad also had similar opinions saying that she was “pleasantly surprised about how ridiculously friendly Ariana is — to the point where we’re getting texts from her.”

“We talk to her like she’s been a friend for years,” Trinidad said. “I can text her and say, ‘Hey, does this sound good?’ She’s so honest with us, and she’ll tell us, ‘We need to fix this.’ I really did not expect to make such a lifelong friend.”

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