Why Batman doesn’t just kill off Joker for good


While many Batman have banged their heads against the wall in anguish over a popular question, ‘why doesn’t Batman just kill the Joker’, not many answers were ever revealed that satisfied the prevailing curiosity.

Through their most recent , Black Label announced the release of Batman: Three Jokers #2, written by Geoff Johns.

In his personal take, Johns portrayed the possible aftermath of one of Joker’s possible demises, at the hands of the Red Hood.

While the answer might seem straightforward to many fans, the writer carefully pondered the depth of this struggle and explored it in a creative aspect.

While the classic dynamic of two equally opposite characters is the crux of the Batman universe, a question does arise in regards to Batman’s ‘just’ and lawful attitude.

While Batman might save one person from Joker’s ploy, there might be another that goes through such intense emotional turmoil that they too don the infamous clown face. All of this probability leads to a rather logical ideology, and that is to end the Joker once and for all.

Batman’s heart recently got highlighted during an episode featuring Jason’s Todd’s crime.

While Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) might end up having unmask and testify in such a painful case, the extent of Jason’s pain comes to the forefront, and by default draws a conclusion that also paints the Joker as a pained human being as well. One who is suffering to the same extent as Batman’s allies.

This recent episode not only draws attention towards Batman’s softhearted demeanor, but also provides a final answer as to why the Dark Knight refuses to end the Joker.

All of his efforts and ploys can finally be chalked up to the Bat’s desire to not give birth to more pain and suffering, in particular, the kind of pain that Gotham city is already familiar with.

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