Woody Harrelson shares shocking proof that Matthew McConaughey his brother

Woody Harrelson has disclosed a captivating new detail in support of the hypothesis that he and Matthew McConaughey share a fraternal bond.

In a recent interview, 61-year-old Harrelson disclosed intriguing details, stating that when McConaughey was born, his father declined to go to the hospital.

Speaking in Esquire’s podcast Explain This, Harrelson revealed, “That seems like a big coincidence and his dad did say, she was going to the hospital to give birth, he goes, ‘That ain’t my son,’ and he didn’t go to the hospital with her.”

The True Detective co-stars are already like brothers to each other.

McConaughey admitted, “My kids call him Uncle Woody. His kids call me Uncle Matthew. And you see pictures of us and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are me. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are him.”

McConaughey, while speaking in Kelly Ripa’s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, also disclosed that his mother confessed to being in a relationship with Woody’s father around the time she and James McConaughey were going through their second divorce.

The man McConaughey believed to be his father, James McConaughey, passed away in 1992, while Woody Harrelson’s father, Charles Harrelson, died in prison in 2007.

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